DescriptionA 10ft or 3 meter container is perfect for both personal and commercial storage. The main advantage of this container is its size. Due to its small dimensions, the 10ft container is easy to install in storage and its transportation is much cheaper by any type of transport. It is often used in the ship and offshore industry.

Containers:- comply with ISO standards (ISO 830, 668, 6346, 1161, 1496-1);
– sealed (WWT – wind & water tight condition – waterproof and windproof)

Inner dimensions

Length: 2843 mm
Width: 2352 mm
Height: 2393 mm

DoorwayWidth: 2335 mm
Height: 2292 mm


Modification: Standard (DC)
Condition: New
Volume: 15.9 cubic meters
Container type: Dry cargo sea
Size: 10ft