Transport plays an important role in the exchange of goods between countries. He is also the condition for the movement of cargo flows and acts as an exporter of transport services. It is impossible to imagine any one transaction in the area of foreign trade without the participation of transport. Therefore, the level of transport service is shown in the total value of foreign trade transactions. The higher the quality of transport services, the lower the price of the goods.Multimodal (intermodal) transportation to minimize the time and cost of delivery by combining several types of transport: Railway transport can be combined with the aeronautical, automotive – marine, etc .

Our services include:

  • Marine transport to the Far East, China, European ports with a further transshipment to the railway / or auto delivery to major avia hubs for further avia freight
  • Provision of a large Number of containers (20 ‘, 40’, 40hc)
  • Insurance of Cargo in Premium Insurance Companies
  • Provision of Optimum Logistics Solutions for the Transport of Ggoods
  • Provision of regular Monitoring of Cargo Tracking