DescriptionWide container (PW) 40ft long with base headroom is 6 cm wider than standard. The added 3 cubic meters of volume make it possible to place half a pallet more in each row, that is, to load 2 full rows of Euro pallets across the width. Thus, there are 32 of them – that is, an additional 10% of the content. Thanks to this, you can significantly save on road and rail transportation, and the difference in sea transportation reaches 30% of the freight cost of a typical “forty”.

This type of container is available for rent or sale throughout Europe, Asia and Central America.

Length: 12192 мм
Width: 2500 мм
Height: 2591 мм

External dimensions


Modification: (Pallet wide)
Condition: Used
Container type: Dry cargo sea
Size: 40 feet
Number of accommodated euro pallets (1200 x 800mm), pcs: 30Warranty:The warranty period for the products is not provided, however, the supplier guarantees that at the time of delivery the products are in a technically sound condition for use in accordance with their intended purpose, comply with the technical conditions and quality requirements agreed with the buyer.

• comply with ISO standards (ISO 830, 668, 6346, 1161, 1496-1)
• sealed (WWT-wind & water tight condition – waterproof and windproof)
• having a valid CSC plate (comply with the international Convention on the safety of containers = CSC plate valid) – at least 12 months
• having a valid prefix (registered BIC code)
• comply with the TIR convention (for transportation by road)
• comply with UIC codes 592-1 (for transportation by rail)