DescriptionTall new High Cube, 30 cm taller than standard one.
The 20 HC container is unified and can be transported by any type of transport.

Length: 6058 mm
Width: 2438 mm
Height: 2895 mm

External dimensionsInner dimensions

Length: 5898 mm
Width: 2352 mm
Height: 2698 mm


Width: 2340 mm
Height: 2597 mm


Modification: (HC – High Cube)
Max Gross: 30480 kg
Tare weight: 2340 kg
Payload: 28140 kg
Condition: New
Volume: 37,5 cubic meters
Container type: Dry cargo sea
Size: 20 feet
Number of accommodated euro pallets (1200 x 800mm), pcs: 11